Y-TEX XP 820 Insecticide Ear Tags 20 Count

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Y-TEX XP 820 Insecticide Ear Tags 20 Count

Y-TEX XP 820 Insecticide Ear Tags 20 Count

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Y-TEX XP 820 Insecticide Ear Tags 20 Count
20 count Y-TEX XP 820 Tags
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The Y-TEX XP 820 Insecticide Ear Tag for cattle introduces a new class of chemistry with NO known resistance. The XP 820 is proven effective against BOTH Pyrethroid & Organophosphate resistant horn flies!

*Controls Horn Flies (Haematobia irritans), including pyrethroid-resistant and organophosphate-resistant strains.

  • With 1 tag per head up to 3 months
  • With 2 tags per head up to 5 months
*Controls or aids in control of more tick species than any other insecticide ear tag (2 tags per head):
  • Controls Gulf Coast Ticks up to 4 months
  • Controls Spinose Ear Ticks (duration is under study)
  • Aids in Control of American Dog Ticks for up to 3 months
  • Aids in Control of Lone Star Ticks for 2 months
  • Aids in Control of Cattle Fever Ticks for 2 to 3 months

*Reduces Face Flies (Musca autumnalis) when applying 2 tags per head.

*Contains a unique chemical class, macrocyclic lactone. Active ingredient - Abamectin (greater than or equal to 80% Avermectin B1aand less than or equal to 20% Avermectin B1b), an active ingredient never before used on cattle in the USA. This makes it ideal for rotation with any other insecticide ear tag.

*Contains a synergist, Piperonyl Butoxide, that increases the potency and the penetration of the Abamectin into the pest for maximum activity (a patent-pending formulation).

*Has NO objectionable odor.

*Provides increased weight gains in tagged growing animals and increased weaning weights of calves from tagged cows.

 *Light enough to be applied to young calves.

 *Approved for beef and non-lcatating dairy animals and now also approved for lactating dairy animals!


XP 820: Economic Advantages

Between 2003 and 2008 eleven herd studies were conducted on the new XP 820 insecticide ear tag to determine the difference in weight gain versus non-tagged animals.

The results were...

  • Average Weaning Weight - 52.4 lbs. higher!
  • Average Daily Gain - .37 lbs/day higher!
Based on these eleven studies conducted in Kentucky, Indiana, and New Mexico for an average of 16 weeks, and using an average of $1 per pound selling price, the XP 820 provided the following economic advantages.
  • $5 invested in XP 820 returns $52.40

Apply using the Y-TEX Ultra Tagger Plus (Blue) or Ultra Tagger Compact (Orange).

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