Y-TEX PYthon Insecticide Cattle STRIPS - 100 Count

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Y-TEX PYthon Insecticide Cattle STRIPS - 100 Count

Y-TEX PYthon Insecticide Cattle STRIPS - 100 Count

Y-TEX PYthon Insecticide Cattle STRIPS - 100 Count
Python Strips for Cattle
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PYthon Insecticide Cattle Strips from Y-TEX!

Proven Effectiveness of Insecticide tags without having to attach through the ear. 

These new "Strips" are applied over the button of any existing 2 piece ID tag, such as the Y-TEX RFID tag, Y-TEX All-American 2 piece tags (1 Star, 2 Star, 3 Star or 4 Star tags) as well as other 2 pc tags.

It is best to use these only on ID tags where the application site has completely healed. 

Description: Python is a slow release, plastic strip which contains a synergized fomulation of zeta-cypermethrin and piperonyl butoxide. This insecticide has excellent effectiveness against many pests, including horn flies that are resistant to certain other insecticides. Net weight of 1 Python strip is 0.34 oz (9.5 grams).

Effectiveness: Controls horn flies, face flies, Gulf Coast ticks, spinose ear ticks and lice. Aids in control of house flies, stable flies, black flies and small horse flies.

  • Recommended use 1 strip/head for 3-4 months control or 2 strips/head for up to 5 months control of horn flies.
  • May also be used in winter for lice control.
  • Requires no withdrawal time.
  • Ideal for rotation with Y-TEX XP820, Warrior or OPtimizer insecticide ear tags to help manage horn fly resistance.
  • Labeled for use on dairy cattle and beef cattle, including lactating dairy cows.
  • Most easily applied in a chute-side setting.
These will usually be shipped as 2 - 50 count packages but we reserve the option to substitute 5 - 20 count packages.

Watch You Tube Video about the Python Strips Here

Also we have added a link below for more complete information about PYthon Strips.


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