Y-TEX USDA 840 HDX RFID Tags - 20 Count

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Y-TEX USDA 840 HDX RFID Tags - 20 Count

Y-TEX USDA 840 HDX RFID Tags - 20 Count

Y-TEX USDA 840 HDX RFID Tags - 20 Count
RFID tag placement
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Y-TEX HDX RFID Button Tags

Available in White

The Tamperproof Y-TEX USDA 840 HDX RFID tag is ISO 11784 compliant, employing passive half-duplex technology. Passive RFID tags are activated when the transponder is introduced into an electromagnetic field produced by an RFID reader. The transponder is encapsulated in a weather-resistant polyurethane material. The unique transponder chip number contained in each ear tag is also printed on the outside of the tag.

The 15-digit number for these tags will begin with 840.

Y-TEX RFID tags provide superior read distance, retention and durability.

Larger quantities may be special order. Please allow approx. 2 weeks for delivery.

Try the new Y-TEX Ultra Tagger Plus TP (Gray) with redesigned jaw to apply the Y-TEX RFID tags.

The Y-TEX RFID tags can also be applied with the Ultra Tagger Compact(orange) or the Ultra Tagger Plus (blue) which can also be used to apply other styles of Y-TEX two-piece tags.

We can offer a discounted price and free ground shipping for 1,000 or more of these tags - please Contact Us for more information.

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