Ritchey Universal 2 piece Tags - Blank

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Ritchey Universal 2 piece Tags - Blank

Ritchey Universal 2 piece Tags - Blank

Ritchey Universal 2 piece Tags - Blank
New! Pink tags w/Black coreRitchey Large Size 2pc tagRitchey Medium Size 2pc tagRitchey Small Size 2pc tagRitchey Universal tags, Large, Medium, Small, Sheep sizeRitchey Universal Tag Color Choices
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The new Pink/Black tags are now available!

Ritchey Universal style tags are designed to work with most two-piece button systems. This means that most buttons and button taggers can be used to install these tags.

Y-TEX male buttons are most commonly used with the Ritchey Universal 2 pc tags.

On this page we offer your choice of just the Ritchey Panel tags as a separate item or we offer them as a set with the Y-TEX buttons.

Ritchey's exclusive dual-colored tags allow you to permanently engrave your own numbers and letters into the tags using a Dremel tool.

Pre-numbered and Custom-engraved tags are also available. 

‚ÄčPlease see the Custom Printing page for more information about Pre-numbered or custom engraved Ritchey tags. Please feel free to Contact Us for more information and pricing etc for the engraved tags.

Please see the color chart in the images above to see color choices. The "outside" tag color is the color of your tag, and the "core" color will be revealed when you engrave your tag.

Non-expedited shipping charges for Ritchey "Blank" tag orders will be $10.00.

Please make your choices from the drop down lists in the ordering box below. These prices are for tags that have not been engraved. If you would like the engraved tags please see our ordering page for Ritchey Engraved Tags.

***If you are having problems with retention when using the Ritchey Universal 2pc tags we have seen some success for folks using the Temple Standard Rivets with the tags. (these might ship separately and might need to add $5.00 for shipping - feel free to Contact Us to verify)
Dimensions - Large Universal 2pc 5"H x 3"W
Dimensions - Medium Universal 2pc 4 1/2"H x 2 1/4"W
Dimensions - Small Universal 2pc 2 3/4"H x 2"W
Dimensions - Sheep Universal 2pc 3 1/4"H x 3/4"W

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