I.D.ology LightningROD Readers

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I.D.ology LightningROD Readers

I.D.ology LightningROD Readers

I.D.ology LightningROD Readers
Lightning Rod from I.D.ology with AccessoriesLook-Up LightningRODLightningROD Reader & Dongle
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LightningROD Handheld Readers from I.D.ology are offered here in four basic types.
  • #5678A - Basic Model with NO LCD screen (includes Charger, Smart Wire & Manual)
  • #5678B - with LCD Display (includes Charger, Smart Wire & Manual)
  • #5678C - with Look-up Software - Locate and Identify the animals on your "action" list (includes Charger, Smart Wire, Manual, BT-102 USB Bluetooth Dongle for 2-way COM)
  • #5678D - with Matrix Software for use with older Tru Test scale heads - 3000 series and older (includes Charger, Smart Wire, Manual, BT-102 USB Bluetooth Dongle for 2-way COM)
LightningROD readers feature the Original Vibrating Handle when tag is read (Patent Pending) along with 15%-20% greater read around ROD and off the end.
  • All models have integrated Bluetooth Link capability (Smart Wire).
  • Read and transmit tags faster at over 80 tags/minute.
  • Rugged, graphite/fiberglass epoxy laminate withstands a beating & rain.
  • Counts Unique tags and easier to read -  LCD display has Large 1/4" back-lit characters
  • Can read all ISO 11784/11785 RFID/EID tags
  • Sales tax will be added after the order is placed on orders of I.D.olgy readers shipping to WI or CA.
See below the ordering box for more reader specifications.

You will see a series of questions in the Ordering Box which will help us to customize your reader for your needs. Please feel free to Contact US with any questions.

      - Sustain Push Button standard setting is "OFF" which means you will need to push the button for each time you wish to read a tag. If you choose to have the "ON" setting for Sustain Push Button, you would push the button once and it latches ON and will continue to read tags until it is pushed again and then the light in the center of the button turns off and the reader stops reading tags. This is great for giving BST (Bovine Somatotropin) shots or DHIA testing.

      - Folks with older computers may need either the USB Dongle or the 9-pin Serial Dongle for Bluetooth connection when reading right into the PC.

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Read Distance: 30cm - 38cm (12"-15") dependent on orientation, tag make and environment
Bluetooth: Integrated Class 2 (30 feet) Communication Link
Industry Approvals: FCC/CCIA approved/Industry Canada/ ATQ approved/CE pending
Tag Memory: 1,000 or 2,000 Unique tags (can switch unique tag memory off for faster reads). The Lookup LR can store up to 4,000 cow records.
Battery Life: 12 hour battery life for all day operation with fast 90 minute recharge - 5 year useful life on 10 year rated battery pack
Battery: NiMH Rechargeable 2000 mAHr to enable 12 hour operation with +50,000 reads
Operational Mode: 5 Indicator LED lights confirm LightningROD operational mode
Weight: 24" reader - 1.71 lbs / 36" reader - 2.08 lbs
Operating Temperature: -10degreesC to +65 degreesC or 14 degreesF to 149 degreesF, Reader works below freezing but colder can affect the LCD screen
Product Rating: IP65 for rugged outdoor work
Warranty: 12 month warranty (except for abusive action) coupled with Lifetime Technical Support - Parts & Labor only. Shipping and Handling not included.

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