Allflex EID USDA 840 Matched Sets HDX

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Allflex EID USDA 840 Matched Sets HDX

Allflex EID USDA 840 Matched Sets HDX

See pricing options in ordering box below.
Allflex EID USDA 840 Matched Sets HDX
HDX 840 Maxi sets w/mgmt number and logoHDX 840 Sets Blank below EID numberHDX 840 Sets w/print Front and Back
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Allflex offers USDA 840 HDX EID tags in matched sets - Tamperproof.

If you want additional imprinting such as ranch name, phone number or brand please email or call us for pricing and to see if we can provide the combination you would like. (some options offered below in ordering box - other options available)

Order tag sets from this page for HDX (Half Duplex - slightly more expensive, slightly longer read range).

  • A set will consist of an EID female button (tamperproof) with small male button. The visual portion of the set offers a choice of Tamperproof Super Maxi, Maxi or Large female piece with Extended Small Male buttons. 
  • All feature the USDA shield on male buttons, 15 digit assigned number and "Unlawful to Remove".
  • Options include visual tags with Management number, Blank below the 15-digit assigned number or management number and logo (There will be an option at checkout to choose the one-time set-up fee of $31.00 for first time logos).

We will need your Premise ID number to process orders for 840 tags.

These are a special order item. Please allow approx. 2-3 weeks for delivery.

*Important Application tips for EID tags:
  •  Use the red blunt pin and remove the black insert from the base of  the jaws.
  •  Be sure that the “bump” or raised portion of the tag which encloses the transponder chip, is placed in the open portion (facing out) of the jaws.
Super Maxi Female Size 4 5/8" H x 3" W
Maxi Female Size 4"H x 3"W
Large Female Size 3"H x 2 1/4"W
Large Male Size 2 3/4"H x 2 1/4"W
Junior Female Size 2 3/8"H x 2 1/4"W

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