Allflex EID Tag FDX Ltweight (Tamperproof)
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Allflex EID Tag FDX Ltweight (Tamperproof)

Product Code: ALLFDXLWEXT-1000

Allflex Lightweight FDX EID tags are especially nice for use in Sheep & Goats and smaller pigs or animals that you prefer slightly less tag weight in the ear. 

Lightweight FDX EID tags have slightly less read range than the Standard FDX EID tags.
Use Global Extended Small Male - back pieces for use in cattle and swine for placement in a deeper location in the ear.
Use Global Small Male - back pieces for use in sheep & goats.
These tags are a special order item and may take approx. 2-3 weeks for delivery.
Color is Yellow


Allflex EID tags are applied with the Red Universal Total Tagger, Green Ultra Tagger Plus or the Ultra Retract-O-Matic tagger.

*Important Application tips for EID tags:
 Use the red blunt pin and remove the black insert from the base of  the jaws.
 Be sure that the “bump” or raised portion of the tag which encloses the transponder chip, is placed in the open portion (facing out) of the jaws.
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