Allflex EID Tag FDX Visual Matched Sets (St&ard / 982-Tamperproof)
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Allflex EID Tag FDX Visual Matched Sets (St&ard / 982-Tamperproof)


The Allflex EID Visual Matched sets are available with the 'Maxi' or the 'Large' size visual ear tags in a variety of colors. Allflex FDX EID Visual Matched Sets are a combination of FDX Ultra Bovine EID button tag with a Visual tag set which has corresponding laser/ink printed 15-digit EID number. The full EID number is printed in the neck area of the visual tag. All tags feature the Tamperproof design.

Options - FDX EID Visual Matched Sets
The FDX EID Visual matched sets are available online in four customizable combinations (Other layout options are available - please contact us by telephone or email for pricing). Online order options include:

Set 1 - 15-digit EID number and Visual ID number on front of panel tag
Set 2 - 15-digit EID number only on front of panel tag (blank below)
Set 3 - Logo, then 15-digit EID number, then Visual ID number on front of panel tag
Set 56 (Large) or Set 18 (Maxi) - 1 FDX EID tag (Yellow) w/2 Large Panel tags w/Line of text and management number
A $31.00 one-time set-up fee applies for Set 3 if you have not ordered this layout previously. Please check mark the appropriate choice on the order checkout page.

Visual tags available in a variety of colors.

Classic Purple (Maxi and Large Size Tags only)
Black ($0.15 more per tag - please indicate agreement in appropriate place in ordering box and appropriate amount will be charged after the order is placed)

FDX buttons are Yellow.

The Matched Sets are packaged in trayed sets for easy pairing. The standard quantity per bag is 20 matched sets. The matched sets can be applied with the Allflex Total Tagger, Total Tagger Plus or Ultra-Retract-O-Matic applicator (the Ultra Retract-o-matic tagger is only for the EID tags).
?***First time orders with logos or brands need to choose $31.00 one-time set-up fee at checkout. 

***If you need smaller quantities than the choices in the ordering box please call or email.

***Please make your ordering choices from the drop down lists in the ordering box.  

These are a special order item. Please allow approx. 2-3 weeks for delivery.

*Important Application tips for EID tags:
 Use the red blunt pin and remove the black insert from the base of  the jaws.
 Be sure that the “bump” or raised portion of the tag which encloses the transponder chip, is placed in the open portion (facing out) of the jaws.
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