Y-TEX All-American Tags

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Y-TEX All-American Tags

Y-TEX All-American Tags

Two-Piece Ear Tag System
Y-TEX All-American Tags
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Y-TEX All-American 2 piece tags
  • 25 or 100 tags per package, numbered sets of 25 up to 200; sets with higher numbers can be special ordered. 
  • Choose from seven sizes/styles.
  • Longer Neck & Sloped Shoulders allow you to see more tag. Hair won't hide your identification codes. Little chance of snagging.
  • Fast Healing, No infection Transfer. The All-American button makes a very small ear hole. A longer button shaft provides greater air circulation around the incision, promoting rapid healing. A sanitary button tip does the piercing not the applicator pin.
  • Apply using the Y-TEX UltraTagger Plus or Ultra Tagger Compact
  • Female only panel tags or male only tags can be ordered separately. Keychains or key rings also available. Call or email for info on these options.
  • Prices in the ordering area for 1 Star, 2 Star, 3 Star and 4 Star tags include the Male Buttons
  • Prices for Swine Star Max tags include the Female Buttons.
  • Prices for Sheep Star tags and Button Sets include Male and Female pieces.
Custom Imprinting:

 Y-TEX offers custom imprinting of numbers above 200 as well as the option to add Ranch Name, Text, Barcode or Logos. If you wish to include a logo on your tags, this may require a one-time set-up fee of $31.00 for the templates. Pricing for simpler options on custom imprinting are included in the ordering box below.

Special Notes about Laser print (see images above for print examples)
  • Hot Pink - Laser not available on the 4 Star Hot Pink (must choose Digital Ink or Hot-Stamp)
  • Red - Laser print on Red tags results in a salmon colored tag (almost pink color)

Please call or email for more information on custom imprinting.

Tamperproof styles also available. Call or email for info.

***All custom/special orders of less than 50 tags will need to choose $5.50 small order fee at checkout. (this includes numbers above 200, non-sequential numbers, numbers on 2 sides, custom 1 side and custom 2 side).

‚Äč***First time orders with logos or brands need to choose $31.00 one-time set-up fee on the checkout page. 

***If you need smaller quantities than the choices in the ordering box please call or email.

***Please make your ordering choices from the drop down lists in the ordering box below.

The following items will be shipped directly to the customer from Y-TEX. Please allow approx. 2-4 weeks for delivery.

  • Custom print tags
  • Laser or Digital Ink print tags
  • Most 1 Star or 2 Star tags
  • Most printed Swine Star Max Tags
  • Printed Button Tags - Some Button Sets
  • Printed Sheep Star Tags


2017 Y-TEX Tagger Rebate Offer
$20.00 Visa Gift Card
Purchase ONE Y-TEX Tagger - either an Ultra Tagger PlusUltra Tagger Compact or Lone Star EZ tagger along with 100 Y-TEX All-American and/or LoneStar EZ Identification Tags and/or Insecticide Ear Tags and qualify for a $20.00 Visa Gift Card. (Offer does not include RFID, GardStar plus Insecticide Tags or E-Z-AP and Feedlot tags).
Offer Valid for Purchases January 1 - May 31, 2017 - See COUPON for more details.

Dimensions 4Star 4 5/8" H x 3 1/4 " W
Dimensions 3Star 3 7/8" H x 2 1/2" W
Dimensions 2Star 3 1/4" H x 2" W
Dimensions 1Star 2" H x 1 5/8" W
Dimensions Swine Star Max 1 1/2" H x 2" W
Dimensions SheepStar 5/8" H x 2 1/8" W
Dimensions Button 1 1/8" Diameter

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