Terminator II

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Terminator II

Terminator II

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Terminator II
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Terminator II - a 20% Diazinon insecticide ear tag - is now available to the U.S. beef and dairy cattle industry, especially in regions where fly pressure is an economic concern and where pyrethroid-resistant horn flies are a production problem. The new tag, designed to provide economical, long-lasting horn fly control, gives producers quick-kill effectiveness against horn flies. While horn fly resistance to pyrethroid tags and products is rising, field trials and studies have shown that horn flies are particularly susceptible to diazinon.

Terminator II also aids in the control of most fly species - face flies, stable flies, house flies as well as lice - and protects against a broad spectrum of insects afflicting pasture and range cattle for 3 months, and up to 5 months if two tags are used, eliminating expensive, labor intensive retagging midway through the fly season. Terminator II is labeled for use on beef and non-lactating dairy cows.

Can be applied with Allflex Total Tagger

The Terminator II tags have been discontinued.

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