LIFECHIP (standard/985 - quantity options)

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LIFECHIP (standard/985 - quantity options)

LIFECHIP (standard/985 - quantity options)

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LIFECHIP (standard/985 - quantity options)
Life Chip available in singles or boxes of 10Meets additional ISO standardsScanning with Destron Reader
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  • Destron Life Chip microchips offer a unique and unalterable means of identification for lost or stolen horses, ponies, alpacas/llamas and provide proof of identifity for use in competitive sports, breeding operations and domestic/international travel. 
  • Destron Life Chips are about the size of a grain or rice. The 134.2 kHz frequency passive transponder contained in the microchip is programmed with a unique 15 digit number which is compliant with ISO 11784/11785 standards and can be read by any Destron Fearing or other ISO compliant readers.
  • The Destron Fearing Life Chips complies with ISO 11135 requirements which specify sterilization of health care products using Ethylene oxide and also complies with ISO 11607 dealing with requirements for materials, sterile barrier systems and packaging systems for terminally sterilized medical devices.
  • Life Chips are easy to inject with the included 12 gauge needle.
  • Once the microchip is in place, the numbers can be registered within each animal's appropriate identification database and/or the owner may keep the number in their files for future reference. Another possible registration for horses can be found at Microchip ID Equine.
  • Each Life Chip microchip is capped with BioBond, an exclusive patented, bio-compatible material which helps prevent microchip migration by promoting tissue adhesion.
  • Your veterinarian can subcutaneously administer the microchip with the help of a specially designed, single-use syringe in the neck of horses or in the poll of the head of alpacas/llamas.
  • Horses of all ages, sizes and breeds can receive a LifeChip. Foals can receive a micropchip at the time of their neonatal examination.
Please note: These Life Chips are not intended for use in food-production animals or in small pets such as cats or dogs.

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