Allflex RS 340 HD Stick Reader

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Allflex RS 340 HD Stick Reader

Allflex RS 340 HD Stick Reader

Allflex RS 340 HD Stick Reader
RS340HD Pro Kit w/hard-sided carrying casebattery for RS340HD or RS320 rapid charger for RS340HD or RS320
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RS340HD Series Stick Reader from Allflex.

The Allflex Model RS340HD Series Stick Reader is an extremely rugged hand-held reading device for passive transponders. It provides cable-free operation through its internal rechargeable battery pack. Like its predecessor Model RS320 Series, the RS340HD Series is compatible with the technical specifications of ISO Standards 11784 and 11785, including both FDX-B and HDX technologies. The RS340HD Series Stick Reader provides the basic RFID reader functions of reading, storing, displaying, and transmitting via RS232 serial data the identification code contained within passive transponders for real time and batch mode data logging.

The user interface consists of

  1. A large thumb-actuated Read button
  2. A Red "Exciter Active" visual indicator
  3. An audible beeper and Green "Good Read" visual indicator
  4. A two line by 16 character LCD readout that displays the tag number, tag type and tag counter.

Power is supplied to the RS340HD Series through its internal 9.6VDC rechargeable battery pack, which provides sufficient operating time to fill the Stick Reader's internal 3,000+ tag number memory.

Serial data and battery charging are connected to the Stick Reader through a detachable cable which is terminated with a DB9(f) data connector containing an integral coaxial power jack. The Stick Reader is provided with a Windows-based PC utililty Configurator which provides users an easy means of customizing the Stick Reader's serial data format and operating modes. Allflex EID Tag Manager Software is also included to provide the user the ability to download tag data into useful formats (Excel, Word, etc). The RS340HD can be upgraded for Bluetooth capabilities with optional Bluetooth module (RS-Module-BT).

The scanning antenna coil is internally mounted in the forward end of the tube and is oriented for optimal read distance.

Available in 45cm and 60cm lengths and weighs approximately 24 oz. (0.68kg), including the battery pack.

***For your utmost convenience, purchase the ProKit which includes the RS340HD 45cm Reader OR RS340HD 60cm Reader , 2 batteries, rapid charger, Bluetooth Module, USB to Serial Cable Converter, EID Tag Manager Software and the Hard-Sided Carrying Case.***

Read Range-RS340HD Minimum distance of 34cm
Temperature Range -10C to +55C
Dimensions 32 mm diameter, choice of length 45cm, 60cm
Power-RS340HD Internal 9.6 VDC Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack
Data Interface Detachable 1 meter coiled cable (extends to 3 meters) or 3 meter straight cable w/DB9(f) connector & 2.5mm x 5.5 mm coaxial power jack
User Options Non-volatile mode control options selectable via RS232 serial port interface

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