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Feedlot tags
Feedlot tags. Variety of colors.
ear tags for sheep
Strip tags and small or medium size tags.


Sagebrush Tags /

offers a variety of animal identification

tags for beef or dairy cattle, swine,

goats, elk, deer and many types of livestock and

cattle ear tags
from industry leaders such as

Destron Fearing/Duflex, Y-TEX,

Z Tags North America, Allflex,

 Temple TagsRitchey Tags and National Band & Tag.

Our product line includes electronic/EID tags 

portable and handheld RFID readers and antennas,

for all types of livestock identification systems,

visual id ear tags, cattle ear tags, insecticide

ear tags, taggers, marking pens and other

tagging accessories.

We specialize in Custom Printed Ear Tags.

RFID cattle ear tags
RFID cattle ear tags.
Be sure to check our
Specials/Deals Page
for special-priced items and manufacturer
offers that may be of interest!

We are committed to providing our customers with:

  • a broad selection of tag types
  • multiple colors of livestock ear tags
  • competitive pricing
  • secure online ordering
  • friendly and helpful customer service


    USDA 840 tags.
    USDA 840 tags.

    Take a look at our links page for companies

    who provide database  integration for your

    operation. If you have any questions about

    RFID  guidelines or systems please don't hesitate

    to email or call for quotes and availability.

    If you have any ideas about how we can serve

    you better or if you need livestock products

    that aren't listed on the website, please

    contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

    Hog / Swine ear tags, also electronic tags.
    Hog / Swine ear tags, also electronic tags.
    Sagebrush Tags would like to thank
    the following individuals and/or organizations for granting permission to use some of the information and/or images found on this website:
    • Fredericks Ranch-ND
    • "Iowa Beef Industry Council and the Beef Checkoff"
    and all others we may have inadvertently missed.
    Small tags for elk.
    Small tags for elk.

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