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Accessories for Y-TEX 379 ReaderAccessories for Y-TEX 379 Bluetooth Reader.
Spare Pin for Y-TEX Ultra Taggers$4.75/pkg of 2 Spare Pins for Tagger (Y-TEX)
Tag Removal Knife$5.00 Tag Removal Knife.
Y-TEX 379 Bluetooth RFID Reader$1260.00 The Y-TEX 379 Bluetooth RFID wireless handheld reader.
Y-TEX All-American TagsY-TEX All-American two-piece tags. Variety of sizes, colors and imprint options.
Y-TEX Applicator for Lone Star EZ 1-piece tags$25.00 - Y-TEX Lone Star EZ applicator.
Y-TEX E-Z-AP and Feedlot Tag Applicators$3.25 Standard Fiberglass tag applicator for Y-TEX EZ AP tags or 3700 series feedlot tags.
Y-TEX E-Z-AP TagsY-TEX EZ AP Tags. Several sizes, colors and imprint options available.
Y-TEX FDX RFID Matched Pairs (standard)Y-TEX FDX Matched Pair with Tamperproof panel tag. Several sizes, colors and imprint options available.
Y-TEX FDX RFID Tag (standard)$2.10/tag -Y-TEX FDX RFID Tag.
Y-TEX Feedlot Tags$19.00/50 blank Y-TEX Feedlot 3700 series ear tags.
Y-TEX GardStar Plus Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag$21.95/pkg of 25 Y-TEX GardStar cattle insecticide ear tags.
Y-TEX HDX RFID Matched Pairs (standard)Y-TEX HDX Matched Pair with Tamperproof panel tag. Variety of sizes, colors and imprint options available.
Y-TEX HDX RFID Tags (standard)Y-TEX HDX RFID Tags - Available in White.
Y-TEX HDX RFID Tags (standard)Y-TEX HDX RFID Tags, Yellow - Clearance price.
Y-TEX Lone Star EZ 1-piece TagsY-TEX  Lone Star EZ 1-piece tag. Variety of sizes, colors and imprint options available.

Y-TEX Lone Star Feedlot Tags$19.50/pkg of 50 blank Y-TEX Lone Star Feedlot Tags.
Y-TEX OPtimizer Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag$24.95/ pkg of 20 Y-TEX OPtimizer fly tags for cattle.
Y-TEX PYthon Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag$32.95/pkg of 20 Y-TEX PYthon insecticide tags.
Y-TEX PYthon Insecticide Cattle STRIPSNew Y-TEX PYthon Insecticide Cattle Strips. Available in packages of 20 or 50.
Y-TEX PYthon MAGNUM Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag$37.95/pkg of 20 Y-TEX PYthon MAGNUM cattle fly ear tags.
Y-TEX Replacement Male Buttons for 2-piece tagsReplacement male buttons for Y-TEX All-American tags and RFID tags.
Y-TEX Swine Premises ID TagsY-TEX Swine Premises ID (PIN) Tags
Y-TEX Tag Marker Inks$6.50 for Y-TEX tag marking pen. Bottle ink also available.
Y-TEX UltraTagger Compact or Ultra Tagger Plus for 2-piece tags$23.75 The New Y-TEX UltraTagger Compact (orange) or the Ultra Tagger Plus ($22.75) for Y-TEX 2-piece tags.
Y-TEX USDA 840 FDX Button Tags20 count packages on sale - $2.00/tag (while supplies last).

Y-TEX USDA 840 Visual Identification Tags (COOL)Y-TEX USDA 840 Visual Identification Tag - COOL compliant . Variety of sizes and imprint options.
Y-TEX WARRIOR Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag$35.95/pkg of 20 - Y-TEX WARRIOR insecticide tags.
Y-TEX XP 820 Insecticide Ear Tags$44.95/pkg of 20 Y-TEX XP 820 Insecticide Ear Tag for cattle.

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Livestock Identification Ear Tags

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