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Allflex EID Tag FDX Bovine-Yellow (standard - tamperproof)Allflex EID Tag FDX Bovine-Yellow (standard - tamperproof)Special Price - $2.00 each! Allflex FDX EID tags for Bovine. Yellow, Tamperproof
Destron HD TagsDestron HD TagsSpecial price - $2.30 each! HD (HDX) tags from Destron Fearing.
Destron HD Tags - ReusableDestron HD Tags - ReusableSpecial price - $2.45 each! HD (HDX) reusable tags from Destron Fearing.
LIFECHIP (USDA 840)LIFECHIP (USDA 840)On Sale for a limited time - $11.00 each! Destron USDA 840 Life Chip microchip.
Misc - AllflexMisc - AllflexMisc Allflex tags. 
Misc Z tagsMisc Z tagsMisc Z tags. Style and availability vary.
Temple ComfortEar HDX EID TagTemple ComfortEar HDX EID TagSpecial price - $2.30 each! Temple ComfortEar HDX EID tags. White, tamper-evident.
Temple Marking PenTemple Marking PenTemple Marking Pen, Black
Y-TEX HDX RFID Tags - Yellow (standard)Y-TEX HDX RFID Tags - Yellow (standard)Y-TEX HDX RFID Tags, Yellow - Special price.
Y-TEX USDA 840 FDX RFID Button TagsY-TEX USDA 840 FDX RFID Button TagsSpecial price - $2.00 each! Y-TEX USDA 840 FDX tags, Yellow.

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