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Corathon Cattle Insecticide Ear TagCorathon Cattle Insecticide Ear Tag$44.95/pkg of 20 Corathon insecticide tags.
CyLence ULtra Cattle Insecticide Ear TagCyLence ULtra Cattle Insecticide Ear Tag$45.95/pkg of 20 Cylence Ultra insecticide ear tags.
Dominator Insecticide Ear TagsDominator Insecticide Ear Tags$27.95 per pkg of 20 Dominator insecticide ear tags.
Double Barrel VP Insecticide Ear TagsDouble Barrel VP Insecticide Ear Tags$46.95 per pkg of 20 Double Barrel VP insecticide tags.
Patriot Insecticide Ear TagsPatriot Insecticide Ear Tags$38.95 per package of 20 Patriot Insecticide Cattle Ear Tags.
Saber Extra Insecticide Ear TagsSaber Extra Insecticide Ear Tags$45.95 per pkg of 20 Saber Extra fly control tags.
Y-TEX GardStar Plus Insecticide Cattle Ear TagY-TEX GardStar Plus Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag$21.95/pkg of 25 Y-TEX GardStar cattle insecticide ear tags.
Y-TEX OPtimizer Insecticide Cattle Ear TagY-TEX OPtimizer Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag$24.95/ pkg of 20 Y-TEX OPtimizer fly tags for cattle.
Y-TEX PYthon Insecticide Cattle Ear TagY-TEX PYthon Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag$32.95/pkg of 20 Y-TEX PYthon insecticide tags.
Y-TEX PYthon Insecticide Cattle STRIPSY-TEX PYthon Insecticide Cattle STRIPSNew Y-TEX PYthon Insecticide Cattle Strips. Available in packages of 20 or 50.
Y-TEX PYthon MAGNUM Insecticide Cattle Ear TagY-TEX PYthon MAGNUM Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag$37.95/pkg of 20 Y-TEX PYthon MAGNUM cattle fly ear tags.
Y-TEX WARRIOR Insecticide Cattle Ear TagY-TEX WARRIOR Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag$35.95/pkg of 20 - Y-TEX WARRIOR insecticide tags.
Y-TEX XP 820 Insecticide Ear TagsY-TEX XP 820 Insecticide Ear Tags$44.95/pkg of 20 Y-TEX XP 820 Insecticide Ear Tag for cattle.

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Livestock Identification Ear Tags

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