Insecticide Tag Comparison Chart

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The following charts show features, clearances and
effectiveness of a variety of insecticide ear tags.

Each tag listed in the charts will provide up to
5 months effectiveness against horn flies and most
other pests as shown under "Clearances and Effectiveness"
when attached two per animal (one per ear)
with the exception of the Y-TEX PYthon MAGNUM tags
which are recommended at no more than
one tag per animal and effective up to 4-5 months.

Insecticide Tag Features
Tag Type Manufacturer Ingredients Color Applicator Class Weight Tags/Package
Patriot Bayer 40% Diazinon Orange Allflex Organophosphate 15 gm 20 or 120
CyLence Ultra Bayer Beta-Cyfluthrin 8% Purple Allflex Pyrethroid 14 gm 20
Corathon Bayer Coumaphos 15%-Diazinon 35% Lt. Green Alflex Organophosphate 14 gm 20
Dominator Schering 20% Pirimiphos Yellow Allflex Organophosphate 9.5 gm 20
Saber Extra Schering 10% Lambdacyhalothrin Purple Allflex Pyrethroid 9.5 gm 20
XP820 Y-TEX Abamectin 8% Gold Y-TEX Abamectin 9 gm 20 or 100
WARRIOR Y-TEX 30% Diazinon - 10% Chlorpyrifos Green Y-TEX Organophosphate 15 gm 20 or 100
GardStar Plus Y-TEX 10% Permethrin Red Y-TEX Pyrethroid 9.5 gm 25
OPtimizer Y-TEX 21.4% Diazinon Orange Y-TEX Organophosphate 15 gm 20 or 100
PYthon MAGNUM Y-TEX 10% Zetacypermethrin - 20% Piperonyl Butoxide Blue Y-TEX Pyrethroid 15 gm 20 or 100
PYthon Y-TEX 20% Piperonyl Butoxide - 10% Zetacypermethrin Lavender Y-TEX Pyrethroid 9.5 gm 20 or 100

Insecticide Tag Clearances and Effectiveness
Tags Clearance Resist Horn Flies Non-Res Horn Flies Face Flies Gulf Coast Tick Spinose East Tick Stable Flies Horse Flies Lice
Beef Lact. Dairy N-Lac Dairy Calf
Patriot Y N Y Y C C AC C C AC NC AC
CyLence Ultra Y Y Y Y C C C C C NC NC NC
Corathon Y N Y Y C C C C C NC NC NC
Dominator Y N Y Y C C AC NC NC NC NC NC
Saber Extra Y N Y Y NC C C NC NC NC NC NC
Warrior Y N Y Y C C AC C C AC NC C
Gard Star Plus Y Y Y Y C C C C C AC NC AC
OPtimizer Y N Y N C C AC C C NC NC C
PYthon Y Y Y Y C C C C C AC AC C
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C-Control(blue), AC-Aids in Control(yellow), NC-No Control

Use on Calves - We often get questions about using the insecticide tags on calves.

  • The most common guideline is that Calves should be 3 months or older unless specified on package label.
  • Other recommendations that we have been given are that if the calf is nursing, they should be able to get the protection they need from the cow and thus we recommend that you provide effective fly control by tagging the cows.
  • If the calf is not still nursing, then it is recommended to use a sinlge insecticide tag per calf in the 9 gram weight range rather than the heavier tags - especially for younger/smaller calves.

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